[Unboxing]Hot Toys Avengers: Infinity War "Iron Man Mark 50 (Mark L)"1/6th scale Collectible Figure

Информация о видео [Unboxing]Hot Toys Avengers: Infinity War "Iron Man Mark 50 (Mark L)"1/6th scale Collectible Figure

Название :  [Unboxing]Hot Toys Avengers: Infinity War "Iron Man Mark 50 (Mark L)"1/6th scale Collectible Figure
Продолжительность :   03:01:55
Пользователь :  id 818874238769
Дата публикации :   20200604
Просмотры :   1,4 млн просмотров
Понравилось :   800
Не понравилось :   23

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Tintorería Higiensec Benalmádena
i love iron man hot toys so far i have iron man mark 7 stealth mode and mark 3 side show their totaly woth it
Комментарий от: Tintorería Higiensec Benalmádena

Alpita Sahni
How much price is it
Комментарий от: Alpita Sahni

Alpita Sahni
Where have you buy this toy on amazon or on flipkart or in shop
Комментарий от: Alpita Sahni

Shajahan Shaik
Mind blown 🤯 out of this world detail
Комментарий от: Shajahan Shaik

Gina Botha
Who has heart that gets a dart ,Tony stark we love you 3000 he in a better place now
Комментарий от: Gina Botha

U1 Yash
I want this
Комментарий от: U1 Yash

henry igbokwe
very detailed
Комментарий от: henry igbokwe

Pearl Diamndz
I want it realy where did you buy it
Комментарий от: Pearl Diamndz

liam dee
How do I get one
Комментарий от: liam dee

Joao Farinha
você perdeu um inscrito
Комментарий от: Joao Farinha

Joey Del Mars Jr.
where can i buy these
Комментарий от: Joey Del Mars Jr.

Where's the flight booster?
Комментарий от: Raizor

What is name of this music?
Комментарий от: Drolek

Raunit Singh
I was also planning to buy this toy
Can u tell me is it worth of money it will take and for the weapon set also plz..☺️☺️😊😊

Комментарий от: Raunit Singh

Elmer Jr Guevarra
Комментарий от: Elmer Jr Guevarra

Praveen Karthikeya
Please tell me the cost
Комментарий от: Praveen Karthikeya

Sonic El Jeshejojo
Holy jesus
Комментарий от: Sonic El Jeshejojo

Shah Noor
From where do you get this toys
Комментарий от: Shah Noor

Xtreme Paul
How many it cost?
Комментарий от: Xtreme Paul

Gabrielcaleb Gabrielcaleb
I wish that i got the infinity gaunlet before thanos jad it so i can kill thanos for good
Комментарий от: Gabrielcaleb Gabrielcaleb

Gabrielcaleb Gabrielcaleb
What do u mean?
Комментарий от: Gabrielcaleb Gabrielcaleb

satish kumar
How much
Комментарий от: satish kumar

Jason Playz
5:47-5:49 LOL
Комментарий от: Jason Playz

Aidan 123
What is the cost of it
Комментарий от: Aidan 123

Hamani Ismael
I want this toyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Комментарий от: Hamani Ismael

Alpita Sahni
Can u tell me where did u buy this toy
Комментарий от: Alpita Sahni

Bhowmik Tyagi
Комментарий от: Bhowmik Tyagi

zindagi khoobsurat hai
the face is looking real
Комментарий от: zindagi khoobsurat hai

Mauren Villalobos
Megsta esa figura
Комментарий от: Mauren Villalobos

king Dogge
lol why you put the action figures say ''fuck you'' with the fingers xD
Комментарий от: king Dogge

Shiba inu
pg 6 5:43
Комментарий от: Shiba inu

gaming thimzhan
Enna palakam
Комментарий от: gaming thimzhan

aleksandra kettner
Комментарий от: aleksandra kettner

Hülya Solmaz
We love him 3000.
Комментарий от: Hülya Solmaz

Rahat Rahat
Wow that was awesome! I also wan to buy one . Please give me the link
Комментарий от: Rahat Rahat

5:45 lol
Комментарий от: Flame

Which shop did you get these toys.
Комментарий от: PAUL AZUMAH

AD Motivational
Where and how I can buy this? Please tell me
Комментарий от: AD Motivational

I dont understand why this would have chips and scuffs.. i mean unless it were the heavily damaged version of mk50, should the nanotech always make it look pristine and unscuffed? Its not as if its like the previous suits where the parts constantly slide the other as it moves and assembles around Tony’s body.
Комментарий от: GoneDeathMode

Luqman Skywalker
I love it I think it’s the best figure ever
Комментарий от: Luqman Skywalker

Yali Chavez
En donde compraste el muñeco
Комментарий от: Yali Chavez

Eduardo Bartolome Giron Acuña
Brazo derecho se me quebrooo😭😭😭😭😫
Комментарий от: Eduardo Bartolome Giron Acuña

Afsheen Hameed Khan
Coolest figure ever
Комментарий от: Afsheen Hameed Khan

Bass 4546
Deadpool mode activated
Комментарий от: Bass 4546

Eduardo Rodríguez Villanueva
Me espanta la cabeza de Tony, si parece muy real.
Комментарий от: Eduardo Rodríguez Villanueva

Taiel Bentancor
Комментарий от: Taiel Bentancor

Love him 3000....
Комментарий от: KELVIN KELVIN

Sumathi K.s
How much rupees
Комментарий от: Sumathi K.s

Casey Coomer
This sucker runs 435 on Amazon! Spidey was in the low 300’s!
Комментарий от: Casey Coomer

jaden ross bato
I liked and subscribe.
Комментарий от: jaden ross bato

Alex Chan
This a collector item aint no toy hahaha
Комментарий от: Alex Chan

profesor Pedro
Комментарий от: profesor Pedro

profesor Pedro
Комментарий от: profesor Pedro

chino riva
Q s siente ? 😂😂😂😂😂

Комментарий от: chino riva

Elías Mijangos
Like si eres de Mexico
Комментарий от: Elías Mijangos

Natarajan ESK
Ok how to buy this you are very lucky I don't know to buy this please tell me that
Комментарий от: Natarajan ESK

Sudha Rani
Sir please tell the store name fast
Комментарий от: Sudha Rani

Rajesachu1bjokoouv rajes
Thats awesome
Комментарий от: Rajesachu1bjokoouv rajes

Pusheen 4life
How much?
Комментарий от: Pusheen 4life

Christopher Suárez Quiroz
Mierda todos en inglés y yo Español
Комментарий от: Christopher Suárez Quiroz

Sheema Ashrafi
What if he had Vibranium instead of nanotech?
Комментарий от: Sheema Ashrafi

Muhamad Suharto
Tony stark
Комментарий от: Muhamad Suharto

Asolu Swuro
This is very cool
Комментарий от: Asolu Swuro

Junior Sonic
Gostei do canal
Комментарий от: Junior Sonic

Raisya Azka
5:45 fuck finger
Комментарий от: Raisya Azka

Комментарий от: TRwarmouseYT

Super sentai Lupin Ranger vs patranger
Gila ngefuck
Комментарий от: Super sentai Lupin Ranger vs patranger

ssmm nidhi2007
It is available in Tamilnadu
Комментарий от: ssmm nidhi2007

Kateshag Ford77 Kmart 0u
Not cool man
Комментарий от: Kateshag Ford77 Kmart 0u

Arigela Ramamma
It was amazing,I want to buy the iron man how much cost the iron man toy
Комментарий от: Arigela Ramamma

•Kolme des Menschen•
Take my damn money!
Комментарий от: •Kolme des Menschen•

Vf Hu
Mk85 บ้านพ่อมึงอะ
Комментарий от: Vf Hu

Swati Surwase
Love toys form Maharashtra
Комментарий от: Swati Surwase

Nabin Gurung
Hey I m a big fan of iron man so I want to buy this toys how n where can I buy this toy could you tell me and I m frm UK is it possible to buy in UK
Комментарий от: Nabin Gurung

Harry Stark 31.7
Tte quiero 3000
Комментарий от: Harry Stark 31.7

Claudia Vaez
Esta súper chebere
Комментарий от: Claudia Vaez

Antonio Diaz
Комментарий от: Antonio Diaz

M 4 S T E R
Não é 3 000
É mil milhões 1.000

Комментарий от: M 4 S T E R

Eduard Agovida III
Where and how i can buy this one?😭😭
Комментарий от: Eduard Agovida III

Сделай полный разбор Марк 50
Комментарий от: Maya

Casa Consult Imobiliare
Stop with the middle finger!!!!!🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡
Комментарий от: Casa Consult Imobiliare

King Rauwa
Love you 3000
Комментарий от: King Rauwa

Abdul’s Tech gang
I want to buy it I love it son much
Комментарий от: Abdul’s Tech gang

How to basic Mini
Can you please tell me where you buy all these
Комментарий от: How to basic Mini

Lucky Wijaya
4 thumbs up for the suit designer.
Комментарий от: Lucky Wijaya

Harsh Patel
Комментарий от: Harsh Patel

Alex Chan
Still my fav armour
Комментарий от: Alex Chan

Matias Navea
Комментарий от: Matias Navea

Matt Francis
Just got mine, I highly recommend you guys read the instructions for all of your Ironman figures, I though mine was broken, but the battery covers are just hard to find and open sometimes.
Комментарий от: Matt Francis

Екатерина добро
Комментарий от: Екатерина добро

Rajeshwari Kale
From where do you buy this
Комментарий от: Rajeshwari Kale

Yüz cok gercekci
Комментарий от: Andromeda

Praggapan Changma
$2600 for this figure! Fans would buy it.But a cheaper version?😂
Комментарий от: Praggapan Changma

Techno Wasif
It's totally amazing,
i love it

Комментарий от: Techno Wasif

Devil Trigger
Is the mark 85 been released yet? Make a review of it as well.
Комментарий от: Devil Trigger

Sarika Sayani
mis yu 3000 ironman
Комментарий от: Sarika Sayani

K. D.
Music me?
Комментарий от: K. D.

Gisela Kuvaszko
No yo me voy a comprar uno que más mejor que ese que vos tenés.
Комментарий от: Gisela Kuvaszko

Enes Kara
Fat thor hot toys
Комментарий от: Enes Kara

Srinu RG
It's too good I will see your videos every day please keep the link from where you buyed
Комментарий от: Srinu RG

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