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M Tayyab
Greetings I WIll Provide ISO 9001:2015 Documents
Комментарий от: M Tayyab

matt hudson
Bunch of liberal propaganda
Комментарий от: matt hudson

Ahmad Razi
Trump: If Biden wins China will own our country.
Комментарий от: Ahmad Razi

S 888
So at the beginning they are cheering that Fuyao has given them jobs. By the end they are protesting because its hard work?? No wonder production in America is dying.
Комментарий от: S 888

Agustín Gameplay lara
Cuando se va a estrenar la película Bob Esponja rescate Netflix
Комментарий от: Agustín Gameplay lara

Obama didn’t help the lower class, he diminishes their chances to get work.
Комментарий от: WingsOfTruth

TK Baha
Комментарий от: TK Baha

James Schmidlin
Let’s Celebrate the Commie Obama and the Commie Democrats giving a US plant to a bunch of Commie Billionaire Chinese! This is a big up yours American documentary by the Marxist Socialist Democrats
Комментарий от: James Schmidlin

Bob Sacamano
Didn’t those worthless Obamas produce this?
Комментарий от: Bob Sacamano

James Schmidlin
Let’s Celebrate the Commie Obama and the Commie Democrats giving a US plant to a bunch of Commie Billionaire Chinese! This is a big up yours American documentary by the Marxist Socialist Democrats
Комментарий от: James Schmidlin

Blue Marvel
Комментарий от: Blue Marvel

frederick barbarossa
lots of Americans tend to find collective solutions: strikes, unions, protests, blaming the government or other people not having enough mercy. These Americans received lots of illusions along the way of growing up, they did mediocre in elementary schools, high schools but they still got praised by their parents, wow! you are doing great and you are awesome, for example. When they are adult, they realize they just can't do things but they still think they are great and they think they can't do things due to other people's lack of mercy. Sure, it is always other people's fault... Hope you now understand why this country is declining. It declines because its older generations had built wealth and technologies so much so that the current generations have something to decline from, sure America is still affluent, and the reason is simple, the father's and grandfather's generation did a good job
Комментарий от: frederick barbarossa

Honti Veros
WTH even working in factory? LOL next time working in outerspace
Комментарий от: Honti Veros

Naomi Melendez
They do not show how racist they are in China against Blacks.
Комментарий от: Naomi Melendez

I'm a democrat that hates unions. In my working days I was a member of 3 of the largest unions. They had a purpose during years past when there was child labor and real sweatshops. Now they do everything possible to get between management and employees and damn the company production. This movie is an exaggeration of the different cultural views on unionizing but having a union shop does more to reduce the companies success than increase profitability.
Комментарий от: clafong9

Loved this piece

Tairy Hesticles
My dad worked at a car plant that got sold to Mitsubishi in the late 90s. They brought in all Japanese management and it actually worked out really well. Those are the friendlier kind of Asians though.
Комментарий от: Tairy Hesticles

Yronelis Fragoso
This is an excellent documentary, I loved it.
Комментарий от: Yronelis Fragoso

Patriotism is fake, they will sell workers rights to the first investor ready to slide a bill in their pockets.
Комментарий от: IDA SOFAR

Billy Ung
Ok so this whole process started in America, somehow make it to China and then they bring it back to America, lol.
Комментарий от: Billy Ung

Juyeon Bae
Prove that you can work hard then expect extra more money. Why are we able to enjoy affordable goods? Because somewhere in this world work so hard!!!! We want things to be affordable but don't want to work hard and complaint there are not enough jobs.
Комментарий от: Juyeon Bae

blookyblops and the tinfoil hat gang
The yellow peril shows yanks how to work for peanuts, after catching covid this documentary rocks
Комментарий от: blookyblops and the tinfoil hat gang

You Tube
Dddddrrrrrrr I wanna do business wit a communist dddrrrrr duhhhh drrrr 😂
Комментарий от: You Tube

Helen Kim
Комментарий от: Helen Kim

Dawson Kim
이걸 보면서 일대일로에 팔려가면 ㅈ된다는걸 느꼈다....
Комментарий от: Dawson Kim

Mr. Pink
Imagine that, Netflix made a movie showing Obama selling America to China as a good thing.
Комментарий от: Mr. Pink

Kalinda Jackson
dollar store items MADE IN CHINA- must stop the merry go round of purchases. Sam Walton used to say 'I'm proud to say Made in America"- he died and that ideology went as well. All Chinese goods, the hand and power tools as well. Economic suicide the long way. BUT . China did give us Covid 19 for free!
Комментарий от: Kalinda Jackson

Qitai Meng
My understanding is: 
union = not enough profit for the company = closing the factory = no job for any one
and no union = at least some people will have a job.

Комментарий от: Qitai Meng

Hector Cardenas
Good documentary. What the future will hold for the working class.
Комментарий от: Hector Cardenas

So...the Chinese brought back the low paying to America.....woow.....
Комментарий от: ric2play

Kevin Chang
The Chinese are right in this movie. Most Americans are lazy. There are some good, rugged laborers, but many (especially millennials) will cry if you ask them to work Saturdays.
Комментарий от: Kevin Chang

캐나다에서 중국어 공부하는 또니_Toni
This is such a great documentary. I did not aware of this before and somehow I just watched this last week. I liked a lot and I made my own review video in my channel. thanks
Комментарий от: 캐나다에서 중국어 공부하는 또니_Toni

Jimmy Neutron
Great documentary, but damn was it depressive; China and their inhumane nature is on the rise people
Комментарий от: Jimmy Neutron

Tappa Tappa
China produces garbage everything!!!
Комментарий от: Tappa Tappa

My next job will be union partly due to this documentary. I'm a welder for over 15 yrs and companies don't want to pay you more than $20. They want to pay a hs grad $15 though. Meanwhile union workers are getting $30+.
Комментарий от: Derek

Basically just real life Gung Ho
Комментарий от: BlazeSorcerer

Rockers From Hell
Cant believe how shit the pay is in America, $12 an hour as a factory worker, are you kidding me? Thats like a teenager at mcdonalds worker pay.
Комментарий от: Rockers From Hell

Mr. ENGlishJELLo
This reminds of the 80's movie "Gung Ho" which was how the Japanese build cars faster than Americans. Today's it's about how the Chinese make things cheaper than Americans!
Комментарий от: Mr. ENGlishJELLo

This is basically a remake of Gung Ho 1986.

It's almost exactly like that movie. Except the movie goes one step further and the investors leave America and shut down the factory in the end. To be clear both the film and documentary are better education than you get in school.

Комментарий от: ForeverTS2

joyce fernandes
Labour camp
Комментарий от: joyce fernandes

American workers isnt efficient, its truth yo
Комментарий от: Namjari

Maui Caui
Covid-19 is also destroying our economy, straight out of china.
Комментарий от: Maui Caui

Maui Caui
Where is the ICE agents when you need them.
Комментарий от: Maui Caui

its impossible to compete with slave labour
Комментарий от: yermanoh

America's adopting the Chinese way of worker labor. they want us to live to work instead of working to live. they want to force you to work hard for less pay and spend all our waking hours working. we make them rich and they make is miserable. Welcome to the New American way of life
Комментарий от: MrRosiesfavorites

Binyan Lu magnet trading ltd
Don’t worry 30 years later, Chinese factory workers will do exact what American FuYAo workers done in 2019, complaining about the Vietnam or cambodian factories
Комментарий от: Binyan Lu magnet trading ltd

David C
Different nationality, different skin colour, different ideology.

But USA&China have one thing in common in : working class suffers.

Комментарий от: David C

TheGreatest Quest
Documentary, produced by Barack Obama pushing globalism and promoting China.
No thank you. You suck at propaganda.

Комментарий от: TheGreatest Quest

yes lets all work for the Chinese as they have stolen the world
Комментарий от: nikirk101

Juan Garcia Cordoba
United States, China, Russia and Argentina dominate the world
Комментарий от: Juan Garcia Cordoba

Jimbo Slice
Anyone know who is singing this “Riser” cover during the second half of the trailer? It seems like there is no trace of it on the interwebs.
Комментарий от: Jimbo Slice

הראלה צ
Lazy and arrogant Americans. The only thing they invest in is the purchase of brains from all over the world.The film shows Chinese who are willing to invest their money and time openning a factory and provide work and in return they are protesting and complaining. These are Chinese laws and those who are unwilling to commit can leave.
Комментарий от: הראלה צ

Sravan I V
"Workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains"
Комментарий от: Sravan I V

American factory: Lots of people got fired, big factory’s shutting down, then new exhausting work conditions plus more mechanical replacements but still going on till 2030 gets imposible
Coronavirus 2020: I’m about to end this
man's whole career

Комментарий от: H C

up Up
Is this chinese propaganda?
Комментарий от: up Up

Dhrubajyoti Raja
China is just destroying my country US.....and the main problem is we are not united as China is....If I had the power I would get China destroyed....Let's get united brothers....Let them see who is the real boss in diplomacy....
Комментарий от: Dhrubajyoti Raja

I loved this video and Netflix for bringing this interesting story. Cao Dewang is the man. I've taken all of this billionaire's advices. I've jumped out my comfort zone and now I'm on target to make a million. I've even created a YouTube channel and I am going live in few minutes for you to follow the progress of a War or Opportunity. I would love your support and feedback.
Комментарий от: Mondosol

Комментарий от: PasoFreak

I just watched it... I wanted to throw up several times.
Комментарий от: Tibchy91

Primeiro Último
i dont understand why westerners would tolerate this shit, the chinese KNOW THAT THEY ARE DOING THESE SACRIFICES FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF THEIR NATION AND RACE, for westerners this is just slavery at the hands of chinese in their own homecountry, i blame globalization politics and traitor politicians, whats reaaly the incentive for americans here? They can bust their asses in that factory and at the end of the day they just helped China gaining the competitive upperhand over their own countrymen, we should be sabotaging chinese products everywere to keep ourselves safe from this slaving comunist beast, dont buy anything made in china, help your own, this is ridiculous, the asian style of society has nothing to do with western culture, they are incompatiblle, why would any western nation even allow chinese to own anything in our nations is beyond me. This is why nationalism needs to come back to the west, why can bust your ass of to improve your nation or you can fall for slavery to foreigners, choose wisely.
Комментарий от: Primeiro Último

Khalid AlAli
Notice that the Americans are fat, and the Chinese are fit. I remember watching a scene from this, where the Chinese foreman complains to the billionaire that they have fat fingers. Made my day hahah.

The American worker was betrayed by the American consumer, who demanded more products, at ever-lower prices. American companies had to outsource, to be able to compete, and when you’re an American working at the top, all you think about is self-preservation, and all that mythical mumbo jumbo of democracy, patriotism, and fairness flies out the window.

America is screwed, AI disruption is around the corner, obesity is on the rise, infrastructure decay is expanding, suicide rates are getting higher, white people will be a minority by 2060 or even earlier than that, and while all of this is happening, they are busy talking about tens of races, hundreds of genders, and thousands of sexual orientations.

Комментарий от: Khalid AlAli

As a person who is aware of whats going on in the world (unlike most Americans), God bless Donald Trump and keep America (and the world) great.
Комментарий от: RD

Whether it's the Chinese or the Americans... the rich stomp on the poor. And it's painfully obvious the crazy communist party had people come into the chat to write nasty things. Corona virus + people watching this will remove business from China. I can't wait!
Комментарий от: spewaysealat

Mateus Meurer
Just when I though things couldn't get worse. Someone needs to stop them. Or they are going to turn us all into slaves, either by forcing the law, or mixing the cultures. I look at the reverence this people have to this chairman and I see sickness
Комментарий от: Mateus Meurer

Kamen Neikoo
If your bosses don't want you to be in a union then you should probably be in a union
Комментарий от: Kamen Neikoo

Комментарий от: 岂不美哉Tommy

Maurílio Sampaio Jr.
Sad and revolting.
Комментарий от: Maurílio Sampaio Jr.

Dimitri gugavinho
China is a Wolf in sheep's clothing.
you should see 80% of their factories and how they treat their own people.

Комментарий от: Dimitri gugavinho

rafi amparo
Beautiful! Starts with how big government has let middle America down. Proceeds to the staple clash of civilizations. And while the denouement is standard (a greater understanding of cultures) it's still beautifully executed
Комментарий от: rafi amparo

Ioannis 1983
Best movie to show how you can turn a human being into a SLAVE.... normal nobody must buy anything of this country...
Комментарий от: Ioannis 1983

maurinho Maurinho
Indians are the truly population of ohio and u s a .... I don t believe in a american. Europe and Chines nation .. Very cool documentary
Комментарий от: maurinho Maurinho

home house
1.2 million views, only 8.5k upvotes... come on.
Комментарий от: home house

سمسم سيلاوي
Комментарий от: سمسم سيلاوي

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Комментарий от: حازم

Jog B
'Don't pet the donkey backwards'. Forget 'Don't Tread on Me' or 'We're Number One', this should be America's new motto:)
This movie is slow, could have been told in half the time.

Комментарий от: Jog B

Leticia Naranjo Gálvez
Excelente documental
Комментарий от: Leticia Naranjo Gálvez

As Chinese I got stunned by many twists in the film. Especially when a senior Chinese manager is propagating American workers the greatness of China and luring them with this trip to Shanghai. He referred the Shanghai 'the same as Manhattan'. And American executives coming to China to learn a more 'efficient way of management'. Some Chinese might see those as the rise of China. But I just feel bitter about what is going on around the world. I was touched by how ordinary people are all the same. Ordinary Americans and Chinese concern the same: their families, living a good life and working hard. But individuals are so vulnerable. Chinese workers are severely regulated. Yet Americans do have a voice, but those voices get marginalized and overpowered by Union consulting company. Rich people have different tactics to deal with workers around globe and it's working quite well. And I am just sad that as individuals, we have no way to stand up and escape from this trap.
Комментарий от: 狗哈奇

Americans have the little machine to print dollars: quantitative easing
Комментарий от: Felipe

We seriously need universal basic income. The ending of this film states that by 2030 over 300 million people in the world have to find different jobs due to automation
Комментарий от: SuperSaiyan182

Cheryl Liao
I am from Taiwan and these Chinese workers are tools.
Комментарий от: Cheryl Liao

Bram farang
Why did they hire fat old and lazy people? I don't mind that they were fat or old but the lazy, complaining at everything is pathetic, you want the job or not? If not do something else simple don't go and be lazy and complain non-stop and cause problems with their workforce
Комментарий от: Bram farang

Jim Allison
How about ATT employees being forced to train their H1B replacements. If you don’t want unions then do something about H1B abuse.
Комментарий от: Jim Allison

Overworked Chinese workers meet overworked American workers...
Комментарий от: gastromacho2

Arturo Díaz León
This is a clear example of how globalization set up an equalization between countries of income, productivity, wages and pay of factors of production. I mean, the country that is low standard has to upgrade its performance, and those (like China) have to balance its performance (forward more human inclusive private policies like, for instance, more time of workers with their families). The total outcome is a matter of survival. In this sense, the economic integration is good for the world. In the case of Unions, its the only institution that can protect genuinely the goals of workers, but without brake the firms looking for the right balance between the just share of benefits or profits. This is a real problem in globalization (the just distribution of profits). Even in the United States without genuinely Unions, the workers can not be safe to defend its legitimate interests. I think there is a week situation for the workers without legitimate Unions and their key role to protect the workers.
Комментарий от: Arturo Díaz León

This is the reality. If you are not willing to do it, somebody else will. Because there are too many people on the planet, everybody is basically replaceable. It is the harsh truth
Комментарий от: P H

This documentary details a disturbing labor trend that hasn't been seen in the United States since the Gilded Age. We are in the midst of Gilded Age II, but no one is willing to admit it. This time around, it's foreign-owned companies working people 12+ hours a day, with no benefits, no raises, very few protections, terrible conditions. I know, I work for one such company (Indian-owned). It's horrific. If you have a "good" job in the US, keep it. You, too, could find yourself in this position.
Комментарий от: TheyRiseBand

Daniel Dienstman Damasceno Bezerra
Song trailer ?
Комментарий от: Daniel Dienstman Damasceno Bezerra

Nicholas Hu
I believe every individual should be treated with decency. Everyone wants to have quality time and life, including the Chinese workers. On the other hand, Chinese workers work hard so their children can have better education so lives get better generation by generation. They're NOT robots. They know what they want.
Комментарий от: Nicholas Hu

Wir verändern
the moneysystem has to be changed
Комментарий от: Wir verändern

Many politicians in America Paid off from this plant to keep wages and safety down.
Комментарий от: TheBestWayOne

You are rich if have a job with $13/hrs here in Indonesia, $9/𝗗𝗮𝘆 is common in here for the same level job, and also have 0 work safety
Комментарий от: Jo

This documentary shows how brainwashed chinese people are by communism.
Комментарий от: wrangleroooo

Daniel Dienstman Damasceno Bezerra
Pls Tell me a link from this música.Thank you
Комментарий от: Daniel Dienstman Damasceno Bezerra

Is there gonna be a sequel?
Комментарий от: 宇宙味噌鰤

xyz kool
I reckon all factories in future will be using robots.....powered by humans as batteries just like in Matrix.
Комментарий от: xyz kool

Aditya Patnaik
Комментарий от: Aditya Patnaik

Andrej frutbela
We work
like slave in our country for China. God Job president Trump💪👍🈵🇺🇲🇻🇳👍🏻

Комментарий от: Andrej frutbela

"You have to pet the donkey in the direction of he fur". Awesome.
Комментарий от: Karl

Fawn IntheGrass
Dear Obama
You’re not fooling everyone
Dershowitz knows about your deal with Soros you will not take this country.
Belarus is a Communist country go live there

Комментарий от: Fawn IntheGrass

Reality Videos
Rich people always take advantage! Poor middle & lower class...
Комментарий от: Reality Videos

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