The Masked Singer Fox: ALL Performances and REVEAL (Season 2)

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Название :  The Masked Singer Fox: ALL Performances and REVEAL (Season 2)
Продолжительность :   03:01:20
Пользователь :  id 781765671876
Дата публикации :   20200604
Просмотры :   347 тыс. просмотров
Понравилось :   597
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Evelyn Fuentes
It would have been genius if he had done the song what does the fox say 🤣🤣
Комментарий от: Evelyn Fuentes

D Wall
Which is good:the fox or the rottweiler
Комментарий от: D Wall

Celeste Keenan
I knew it was Wayne Brady the entire time. He's got a lot of swagger and charisma.
Комментарий от: Celeste Keenan

Karmari Williams
How does Wayne can sing and dance and not be breathing that heavy after the performances. If you know put it in the comments and the first 10 comments gets a 1,000.
Комментарий от: Karmari Williams

Fox orang Dog.. I vote Dog. He's Voice so Beautifull... Strong, Powerfull but Balance. Fox only melow song.
Комментарий от: I AM HANDSOME KISS

Is it bad i knew him because I saw him in David Dobrik vlogs with Charlie Puth lmao but i absolutely love his voice
Комментарий от: KayyYourself

Joshua Flonoe
He cool singer as Fox and good gameshow host.
Комментарий от: Joshua Flonoe

Vincent Alvarado
The Fantastic Mr. Fox.
Комментарий от: Vincent Alvarado

Heh.. he revealed himself in the rap.
Комментарий от: RipeApple

Humble One
Wayne Brady is a Quadruple THREAT! He can Sing, Dance, Act and Produce.
Комментарий от: Humble One

Maisie Utube
He is so fuckin wtf. He’s giving me goose bumps. Such a good singer
Комментарий от: Maisie Utube

Big LIKE~ This show is also famous here in South Korea. I see it every Sunday.
This is a show that makes me feel better just by watching❤❤❤.
My daughter loves this video too😆😆😆.
Thank you for making a great show💗💗.
I hope to be a good friend and sharing good information 👍👍👍.
Dear subscribers. ^^ Pls come to see my videos on my channel. ^^
I am a dad of Silver Poodle and White Bichon.

Комментарий от: 짱아까미티티

sally Bish
I knew who this was by the 3rd time. Growing up on whose line is it anyway you get it.
Комментарий от: sally Bish

Kimberly Bea
I'm amazed
Комментарий от: Kimberly Bea

Max Love
this guy sweated his ass to reach that Throne. Well deserved
Комментарий от: Max Love

Angie Morsby
In a class by himself 😂. Way out there, and everybody over here....Wayne Brady, I totally love all your performances. You are deserving of that trophy and all the other accolades coming your way. You literally floored me...🤣🤣👍
Комментарий от: Angie Morsby

Nicole Love
Комментарий от: Nicole Love

Wayne Brady went MJ in the competition
Комментарий от: phoenixrising7777

did he win?
Комментарий от: Enemy

Emily Deck
Who else thought it was Jamie and then did this at the reveal 🤦‍♀️
Комментарий от: Emily Deck

Jennifer Coleman
Hes got to be the most tallented, sweet and humble artist ever
Комментарий от: Jennifer Coleman

“Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?!”
Комментарий от: kamionero

Gail Gilay
wow furrys in a next level
Комментарий от: Gail Gilay

Jp Ongoco
Fox is the all seasons best performer. Frog was almost close. Bear was hilarious. Rottweiler best vocal. Night Angel bestfemalevocal Monster best song choices.
Комментарий от: Jp Ongoco

Janie Doman
Wayne is such a talented man
Комментарий от: Janie Doman

Jp Ongoco
Fox is the most talented than Monster and Frog. But all of them got swag.
Комментарий от: Jp Ongoco

Jp Ongoco
Fox is a Disney performer with both excellent singing and dancing skills. So much passion.
Комментарий от: Jp Ongoco

Manumalo Mapusua
I grew up watching Brady on whose line is it anyway so I would have guessed him straight away lol
Комментарий от: Manumalo Mapusua

kurt fields
Chris was cheated no hate intended
Комментарий от: kurt fields

Jessica Scricco
Chris should have won. Sorry not sorry.
Комментарий от: Jessica Scricco

Karen D Greene
I love Wayne Brady!!! The FOX & ROTTWEILLER made the season!!!
Комментарий от: Karen D Greene

Lauren Barrett
I like your videos!
Комментарий от: Lauren Barrett

13:48 mayor pete?
Комментарий от: Fangs

Celeste R. Adams
Комментарий от: Celeste R. Adams

Stormy Samuel
I guessed Wayne from the beginning of the show. I heard something in his voice and I said Wayne Brady. During the actual show I've gotten two right so far, Wayne & Patti LaBelle, YEAH!!!!!
Комментарий от: Stormy Samuel

Jay Dela Pena
His performance is like Grammy performances
Комментарий от: Jay Dela Pena

Shannon Audette
So steampunk Fox Wayne Brady awesome combination when i first heard him sing i thought it was Seal
Комментарий от: Shannon Audette

Bryan Fritchie
How does this not have the very last after he wins performance where he freestyles???
Комментарий от: Bryan Fritchie

Idc what anyone says, Wayne Brady 10000% deserved to win. His last performance was literally the best performance the show has had even to this day. PERIOD!
Комментарий от: Jules

Nicole Eckhart
I loved watching Who's Line Is It Anyway but man Wayne has a nice singing voice.
Комментарий от: Nicole Eckhart

Jp Ongoco
This is Walt Disney worthy.he is like a Disney performer.
Комментарий от: Jp Ongoco

I've be waiting he sing what does the fox say Hahahaha
Комментарий от: EU DE NOVO

Ruby Lette
Awww dam it, I knew it was him in the first 30 secs, I fast forward to see who it was hoping I might be wrong. But he is amazing!
Комментарий от: Ruby Lette

Um.. is that actually Jamie Foxx in the audience? 2:57
Комментарий от: keirabryson

Does anyone know the name of the dancer during Tennessee whiskey?
Комментарий от: Naylani

I can watch Fox performances over and over. The Very Best Performance so far of all the seasons!
Комментарий от: P HD

Nicole Pitts
Love Wayne Brady. When I was younger I loved “who’s line is it anyway”. Very talented! Deserves it
Комментарий от: Nicole Pitts

Stacey J
When he did every little step I was like that’s a big clue! If you don’t know look it up! He me truly talented.
Комментарий от: Stacey J

Jp Ongoco
I want this fox perform in Las Vegas. So entertaining wow! Love it.
Комментарий от: Jp Ongoco

He reminds me of melee Fox from ssbm
Комментарий от: Tsm LED

Kathy McHale
He was good but Daughtry should have won.
Комментарий от: Kathy McHale

Jp Ongoco
He is a complete performer vocally and best dancer
Комментарий от: Jp Ongoco

VEronica Coward
Комментарий от: VEronica Coward

Kshauna Dandridge
I couldnt stop rewinding 4:05 they killed that little dance,and it was on beat! Ken, and Nicloe
Комментарий от: Kshauna Dandridge

Baalf Games
I have a feeling that he won the popular vote among the furry community. A lot of his clue packages included artwork with a very furry esque design, and I would not be surprised if there were furries in The audience. This seems like the kind of show they would enjoy
Комментарий от: Baalf Games

So talentedddds
Комментарий от: Fiizzaayy

Blame it and then this christmasssss. I nearly screamed
Комментарий от: Fiizzaayy

Evan Frost
I absolutely loved Wayne's version of this love. One of my favorite maroon 5 songs.
Комментарий от: Evan Frost

Sam Sampat
i knew it by act 2.
Комментарий от: Sam Sampat

Sedona Peacock
I love the animal fox, so when I saw the fox won I didn't care who it was, I just wanted him to win. I didn't know who Wayne Brady was before this but he did a great job.
Комментарий от: Sedona Peacock

Sarah Ulrich
Wayne Brady, the most awesome and multi-talented guy I know!
Комментарий от: Sarah Ulrich

Bethany Karaba
Love the fox
Комментарий от: Bethany Karaba

Bojie Dios
I thought it was Jamie Fox when he sang blame it on the alcohol. I am kicking myself when I didn’t realize it was Wayne Brady!!

I loved how he made each song a little different and his own. He got the dance moves also. He is a true performer on stage.

I love his rendition of Otis Reddings - Try A Little Tenderness. Mixed the Jay-Z and Kanye collab album song and free-styled as well. I think he definitely was entertaining and deserved to win.

Комментарий от: Bojie Dios

Matoskah Robb-malloway
That guy has a beautiful voice
Комментарий от: Matoskah Robb-malloway

How can anyone say he didn’t deserve this? Chris was great but his talent doesn’t even measure up to Wayne. All of the masked singer winners have been black so far and I think that really bugs people...
Комментарий от: dejavana

Ina Lozbeņa
Great like 💟😘😘😘👍👍👍👍👍🍃🍃🍃🍃
Комментарий от: Ina Lozbeņa

The Onion Devil
My god Wayne Brady is absolutely amazing both when it comes to comedy but also when it comes to singing
What an absolute legend

Комментарий от: The Onion Devil

Julius Laamanen
Very glad he won.
Комментарий от: Julius Laamanen

Still believe Chris Daughtry should have won this
Комментарий от: blackmarvel1000

Kamron Washington
Yo when he sung TENNESSEE WHISKEY I lost it
Комментарий от: Kamron Washington

Keanu green
Ok Wayne Aka fox
Комментарий от: Keanu green

Keanu green
Yessss Jamie foxxx ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Комментарий от: Keanu green

D Babies
When I saw Blame It, I knew he would win the entire season. Everyone kept saying it would be the Rottie.. I didn't even think the Rottie would be in the top 2. I thought it would be the Fox and Thingamajig. Top 2 faves.
Комментарий от: D Babies

HeyCrowe Productions
You cut off the best part
Комментарий от: HeyCrowe Productions

"and if you don't know, now you know" after he said his name...
Комментарий от: 《PattiRose》

Try a little tenderness was what got me. Reminded me of when he used to improv stuff with Laura Hall on Whose Line
Комментарий от: Captain11890

Lin Takano
Nobody in Season 3 has this much stage presence. So good
Комментарий от: Lin Takano

Shonda B.
From day one ☝️ I knew it was Wayne Brady and his many different Altos he knew how to switch it up when he did Bobby Brown every Little step nailed it!!.
Комментарий от: Shonda B.

Riley Donaldson
i knew it was wayne after he sang every little step, shot me right back to my childhood of him singing the weekenders into!
Комментарий от: Riley Donaldson

If Miley Cyrus was on the show, let's face it, everyone would know it was her.

She'd be a mask and three pieces of cloth on her body.

Комментарий от: PleasePressTriangle

D Li
Well I guess this is my furry awakening
Комментарий от: D Li

Patrick Snavely
"Wayne Brady, makes Bryant Gumble look like Malcom X huh?". -- Chappelle Show
Комментарий от: Patrick Snavely

the art of fuck it
Wayne Brady is such a talented guy singing rapping comedy improv is there anything this guy can't do
Комментарий от: the art of fuck it

Sandra Young
Yall number 7 was the joint right here
Комментарий от: Sandra Young

Willie Woods
My name is ameria I love you Wayne Brady can you get a song ready on father's day please I want to show my dad how much I love him so much. 😍😍😘😍😍😍
Комментарий от: Willie Woods

Vincea Hibbets
This time I was like you had a lot going on
Комментарий от: Vincea Hibbets

baby sy
Them background dancers on #5 Blame It was on point❗️❗️❗️
Комментарий от: baby sy

E Louise
The blonde lady is right! Singing is what he should be doing! I love his comedy, but he is way underrated as a singer, and he has one of the best voices out there!
Комментарий от: E Louise

Kyle Y
give this man his damn trophy an he better be a judge
Комментарий от: Kyle Y

lianna sorvino
How do you nobody noticed that he said Wayne Brady 30 years in the game When you put that rap part in the last performance
Комментарий от: lianna sorvino

I need the cover of Tennessee Whiskey. It's so great.
Комментарий от: TheGirlWho'sStillWaiting

He said in a live stream about a week ago he still hadn't gotten his trophy for this... that's pretty horrible got talent.
Комментарий от: billyboi75632

Нюра Иноземцева
Господи, это высший пилотаж. Я в восторге ❤️❤️❤️
Комментарий от: Нюра Иноземцева

4:54 We ain’t gonna acknowledge that Tennessee Whiskey is George Jones’s song?
Комментарий от: 1988hop

Roberto Padilla
It's the FOXIEST!!!
Комментарий от: Roberto Padilla

Elizabeth Gowers
I still can't believe I didn't recognize his voice or the little two-step he does that I've seen him do hundreds of times on Whose Line!
Комментарий от: Elizabeth Gowers

Nathan Burke
Wayne was right, I always had him pegged as the funny multi-talented improv guy. But wow. His chops! Wow! Thanks for the 🍺🦠 isolation surprise from 🇦🇺
Комментарий от: Nathan Burke

baby sy
Y’all couldn’t spare another 2 mins for that epic final performance????????😒😒
Комментарий от: baby sy

Taylah Fisher
Tennessee whiskey 😍
Комментарий от: Taylah Fisher

Mr5 NightCore
He's a good a performer but I love Roterweiler more 😁
Комментарий от: Mr5 NightCore

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