This Measurement Equipment you need for good Engine building l Subi-Performance

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Название :  This Measurement Equipment you need for good Engine building l Subi-Performance
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Дата публикации :   20200328
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Floren M
Hey do you have a link for the inside micrometer?
All the ones i found online are looking completely different, they dont have the beautiful long handle.
And yes I would like to have your mitutoyo, because I am rebuilding an aston v12 engine on my kitchen table.

Комментарий от: Floren M

Natosati Viserdosom
Wo ist momentschlusel? 😉
Комментарий от: Natosati Viserdosom

Stefan Poienaru
I would love the Mitutoyo digital caliper for the GSX1000R powered hillclimb prototype and Formula Student car I'm working on ;)
Комментарий от: Stefan Poienaru

Hannes de shizO
Ui den Messchieber könnte ich auch gut brauchen, hab nur einen billigen analogen mit zwei hundertstel Auflösung... :-D
Комментарий от: Hannes de shizO

Zander Dyson-Lyon
Okay Kato... 0:36
Комментарий от: Zander Dyson-Lyon

Roman Trejo
Saludo desde México, y gracias por compartir un poco de su herramienta con sus seguidores, Bendiciones.
Комментарий от: Roman Trejo

Andreas enduro
what is the stock piston or rod weight variance on a modern engine ? What is the gain of a complete balanced engine within 0.1 to 0.2 gr ? I know it will be smoother , but will it be that much of difference?
Комментарий от: Andreas enduro

Malte Adolphs
Hallo Andi,
Ich überlege schon länger mir diesen messschieber zu kaufen bzw. bin ich oldscool Fan und würde sogar den Uhrenmessschieber bevorzugen. Seit kurzem habe ich einen neuen Job und muss seitdem öfters teile auf der drehbank herstellen oder schonmal nacharbeiten und bekomme die Krise das wir keinen vernünftigen messschieber haben. Ich würde ihn mir sogar abholen, ich komme aus der Gegend. Würde gerne mal deine Werkstatt sehen ich finde Motorenbau super interessant, coole Arbeit die du ablieferst und genau so viel Wert auf Präzision in deinem Beruf legst.

Комментарий от: Malte Adolphs

Rich Smith
Hi great work you do ,what is the green assembly lube you use ?
Комментарий от: Rich Smith

jakub clash
Hi, I want to start building ej207 jdm stroker to my gc8 build. I know it's a good tool, as I used it on my interns. Do you think it is needed to close the deck for 360-370 bhp in that engine?
Комментарий от: jakub clash

Ampersand McVinegar
Your English is good! Thank you for this video!
Комментарий от: Ampersand McVinegar

Winston Smith
Just so you know, Andi, the magnifying lens you show @2:40 is generally called a “loupe” in English, but that may be because I’m coming from a photography background. They are also used by jewelers, watchmakers, numismatists, etc.
BTW, impressive stoppie on the way in,

Комментарий от: Winston Smith

Hi Andy! You meke me crazy with your videos, the workshop that every mechanic would dream of having! you are a real artist with impeccable works & videos, I would like to ask you for a detail...what material do you use in your work tables? I think it's great! a greeting from spain, thank you!
Комментарий от: Danny

rmus somera
wow!! what a great tools you have there!! i need that one, just a car and engine enthusiast here. Always watching your many great subaru videos!! keep up the good work!! Hello from the Philippines!!
Комментарий от: rmus somera

Ivica Franić
Hi. Everyone. I need to win this caliper because im building bikes and i really need some qoualty Tool to help My build some good cafe recer. Im in scoooter world and now I am searching perfekt biken for building cafe Racer, i am thinking about BMW k series to Pick one or some Honda CB 500, or i have some yamaha bikes on My mind. I need this Tool to help me build some qoualty motocyle to ride on sunny day. Peace everyone from Croatia. Stay home and stay safe during this Times :))
Комментарий от: Ivica Franić

Francis Brooks
Excellent channel this.
Комментарий от: Francis Brooks

Elias Bossert
Why do I need this? I’m in the middle of a project with my STi. I use/used my micrometer for work and someone broke it. I no longer have a micrometer, this would be an awesome give away so I don’t have to buy another. I’m also taking my subie with me when I move back to Germany for graduate school. Thanks for the amazing videos!
Комментарий от: Elias Bossert

Jake Abbott
I like that you waited till the end of the video to announce the giveaway and didn't say anything about it in your title. It shows that only the ones that like to watch your channel will have a shot. If i won I would be using this tool on my EG33 build that i am doing that will be put into my 1999 Legacy track car.
Комментарий от: Jake Abbott

I need the Mitutoyo digital caliper to measure how close I am to droping out of engineering class.
Комментарий от: TheHubertIK

Michael Flores
Ej253 rebuild because I love these cars and I will learn how to rebuild this motor and fly out and meet u one day and gave some tea with you. I would
Комментарий от: Michael Flores

Eric Coker
Thanks for the awesome video!! Cheers from TN!! I could use that tool on my ej257 rebuild for my FXT for sure. But, I think I should win the caliper because I sent an email to you asking about a video exactly like this lol 😉 ricotide420@gmail.com
Комментарий от: Eric Coker

Nicholas Brown
I hope your bike wasn’t stolen... it wasn’t locked! 😄 Love the videos, really interesting to see all the tools and machinery you use. I’ve been looking at buying some mitutoyo digital callipers as they would be useful for so many things! They’re not the cheapest so a generous giveaway. I could use them to measure how much air I get on my mtb, hopefully more than 150mm but you never know, always seems bigger than it looks.
Комментарий от: Nicholas Brown

Steven Johnson
I don't need the caliper, I already have one! Toyota 4agze (to 4agte) rebuild. I own a scoobydo imprezza wrx 98 brrp brrp! But I do need the straight edge, micrometre, and magnetic stand gauge, and how much other stuff i need haha, but slowly over time aI will buy them. Love this channel, and all the technical information. I would really like it if some day you do a timing belt video with seals and pump replacement.
Комментарий от: Steven Johnson

I need those calipers to help with building my subaru ea81 old school style with cam, high compression and weber carb to go in my 81 glf Subaru coupe.
Комментарий от: rockr01

Zohar Modifier
I want to build Human20 engine my piston is my rod & shaft , my cylinder is a female holes ... i need to measure with that tool!
Комментарий от: Zohar Modifier

Paul Korobkov
Yes..... The World is Flat
Комментарий от: Paul Korobkov

Matthew Snyder
Thank you soo much for showing your recommendations of these tools!
Ive been following your channel now for over a year and am eager to do my own engine restoration with your skill as my lead example. I just lack the tools. Current project: 2008 Forester XT revival.

Комментарий от: Matthew Snyder

Kraig Fisher
I am from Utah, USA. I bought my first Subie in 2002, a WRX, the first year they came to the USA. I have had 7 different Subies since then. I decided this last year to build my first motor because of you. I never felt confident enough in building a motor until I saw your channel. Thank you for what you have taught me!
Комментарий от: Kraig Fisher

Nkh jk345
Didnt know he was a cyclist , lol
Комментарий от: Nkh jk345

Alex Manning
I don't need the caliper (however you never can have too many tools!) however I would enjoy using it with my future closed deck EJ25 build. My hope is to send you the short block (I will do the rest in my garage) and build it out to a stage 2 or 3 planning for 500+ street-able HP in a 2011 WRX STI. My goal is to piss off my Porsche 911 GT3 friends on the track at driver days like DE events... : ) Keep up the excellent content and work!!!!
Комментарий от: Alex Manning

Ist das dein erstes Placement?cONGRATULATIONS!!!
Комментарий от: S.O.C OFFTOPIC

semih kahraman
I have impreza gc8 turbo and i'm doing some billet parts like shifter bushing or pulleys etc. I need this one
Комментарий от: semih kahraman

ich brauche den messchieber weil ich alles möglich damit messen kann bzw will :D
Комментарий от: BIMMER POWER

rené morche
Wäre cool ihn zu gewinnen
Wir bauen oft an unseren subis
2003 blob sti
2011 sti
1995 gc8 und 2008 legacy
Neben bei revidieren wir Belarus Motoren
Mts 50 52 80
Da wäre dieses Tool ein Gewinn
Mfg Morche
Und top Ding was du da alles machst 👍

Комментарий от: rené morche

raf mov
Nice idea. It's a pity I don't need it.
Комментарий от: raf mov

Taavi Plaan
To pass the inspection / TÜV / MOT / the pits - I need this tool to repair a bunch of failed parts. Daily driver /Never ending Project - Ford Mondeo MK3 Hatchback (diesel)
Комментарий от: Taavi Plaan

I need that caliper to precisely measure the girth of my peni- I mean, I would use it for car things, definitely.
Комментарий от: InDmand

Messschieber wäre cool um die shims beim Ventilspiel einstellen am Motorrad zu messen 👍
Комментарий от: Alberto

I am a student from Germany and and just started to do my first rebuild on a Fiat 500 engine from 1972. Although the engine is so small it needs a lot of money to get the tools you need and therefore I would love to get this Mitutoyo caliper. Thank you for all the knowledge you are sharing :)
Комментарий от: hallok14

I would love that caliper! It would help me on rebuilding my gc8 hybrid (ej20 heads machined on ej25sti block. Got some piston slap and that tool would be grate begining for the tools i will need :) cheeers. Tschüss
Комментарий от: Ziggy

I would love that tool as i am building a 4.0 EZ engine for a GC8!
Комментарий от: DANSPEED

no money for tools, would be awesome to win that digital mitutoyo caliper, if not i still love your videos !
Комментарий от: Lime

can you list the tools you use in description?
Комментарий от: Lime

Andre Riedel
Hoffmann-Group.com 😉
Комментарий от: Andre Riedel

Joshua Salazar
Комментарий от: Joshua Salazar

justin dillon
What is the best way to contact you? I sent you an email but I figure you are very busy and it can’ take a while to respond . Please let me know!!
Комментарий от: justin dillon

Jimmy Thai
Im graduating technical school in May and this would be a great start to the collection of measurement tools to build my career. Great jobs on all your videos. I’m a really big fan on the care and precision you guys take when rebuilding these Subie engines.
Комментарий от: Jimmy Thai

Jose Vazquez
Awesome giveaway, someday I'll have a garage again, dreams of a Crosstrek STI..🤣🤣
Комментарий от: Jose Vazquez

Malok Gashvog
Het Andy. The calipers would really come in handy for a sti forester rebuild I'm currently beginning. but if you find someone else who needs it more thats ok. Love watching these vids. It really helps with questions that I've had regarding Subaru engines. Especially loved the one of you watching the Subaru factory building and engine, and hearing your commentary.
Комментарий от: Malok Gashvog

Nathaniel Neale
I need that Caliper because I’m trying to rebuild a EJ25 short block to get my car back and running. But I would need to get a lot more of your tools too!
Комментарий от: Nathaniel Neale

C Fukumori
Mine is broken, I NEEEEED a new one!
Комментарий от: C Fukumori

Been watching your videos for a while! Learned a lot of neat tricks for when I work on my subie. I don't have a proper set of calipers in my tool collection but I really do need some. Being an engineering student i cannot afford them. I like to design my own things and fab up what I can so projects would definitely go much more smoothly with a pair of verniers. Keep up the awesome content!
Комментарий от: jonney804

j moore
@ 4:54min Please can someone tell me the Part number for the Box set i cant find it on the Mitutoyo web site ???
Комментарий от: j moore

I need this professional caliper because I had a wrong measurement of the head gaskets thickness, because I was using a worn out plastic caliper. I am build an EJ22T SOHC 360HP full build heads and all forged, including transmission.
Комментарий от: nebriz

sal v
I need it because I don’t have one. Keep the videos coming!
Комментарий от: sal v

Anson Cheung
I need to have a lemon tea also.. so good
Комментарий от: Anson Cheung

Steve Y
Another nice video, i would like to win the vernier calipers because I've lost the battery cover on my ebay set. The battery is held in place with an elastic band and folded card. It has an annoying habit of turning itself off. Would be nice excuse to start rebuilding the short block that's been sitting on my garage floor for two years.
Комментарий от: Steve Y

Niek Hoogendoorn
Hey Andy, finally you have started drinking tea. And not just any cup of tea, but a proper quality brew with added honey. Good man! 😎
Комментарий от: Niek Hoogendoorn

K Shaw
Just about to strip my ej207 give it a complete strip and rebuild, just starting to buy the tools / parts. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪
Комментарий от: K Shaw

j moore
Love it....the world is Flat...not just in the subaru world
Комментарий от: j moore

Ken Solver
I would like to have it because I own 3 Subarus (daily, fun, and track) and at some point the track one willl break (not the other two hopefully) and it will be time to upgrade the internals
Комментарий от: Ken Solver

Matthew Tiss
I would like that caliber, to help begin some side building of engines, I would like to try to rebuild an engine one time just to see how it goes! Thanks for the giveway!
Комментарий от: Matthew Tiss

Deniz Sayki
Könnte den sehr gut gebrauchen. Hab zwei Projekte: einmal ölkühlerhalterung und adapter für den Motor bauen. Zweites Projekt ist ein E-Pitbike.
Комментарий от: Deniz Sayki

Hi Andy, great informative video as always. Am planning on a rebuild of the EJ201 in my 01 Impreza RX which has done 300,000kms and never needed any work other than timing belts, tensioner and water pump. Still runs sweet, but long overdue for work.
Комментарий от: Kevin

Teodor Häggblom
Would be a lovely upgrade to my old "no brand" one! 😊
Комментарий от: Teodor Häggblom

Patrick Reczko
Ich bin mal so frei und schreibe auf Deutsch..

3 Wörter..

Skyline, RB26, Rebuild 😅

Ne Spaß beiseite, mein Motor Muss echt langsam laufen nach 3 Jahren 😂


Комментарий от: Patrick Reczko

hello Andy i am from Portugal and i m starting my on shop so y need new tools for starting my rebuilds y work with meni cars so that tool will came Andy
Комментарий от: JOSE MATOS

Kevin Heb
watching your videos inspires me to build a closed deck, I'm also getting into 3D printing and this tool would be perfect for that as well. I could use the HECK out of this tool!
Комментарий от: Kevin Heb

Rally Power
Working on my Scooby is a relaxation for me after a week in the office. It is always nice to work with good tools and I just realised that I don’t have a proper caliper.
Комментарий от: Rally Power

yo that's a nice tool, I would like it for my FA20DIT Im working on out of a 2016 WRX. @Subi-Performance What do you think of the FA20 engines?
Комментарий от: BastudGaming

I have a 2001 GC8 and I'm going to replace the head gaskets and going to install new rod and crank breaking the tools will come in handy to measure the journals
Комментарий от: jose13unseenify

Hi Andy! I have been a subscriber from the very beginning, awesome videos. Id love to win the calipers as it would help me with my goal of rebuilding all 9 of my subaru motors that are sitting on my shelf to have as backups for my rally car (in progress-videos in channel). I've rebuilt a few engine but have never had the proper tools to do a really good job. This year we will be building a full stage car and we could use all the help we can get! a quality tool like this would be amazing. You've been an inspiration to me to keep pushing and learning in engine building, keep up the awesome work! P.S i used to be a mountain bike technician, another shared passion ;)
Комментарий от: GBracing

Mark McKee 2
My 2011 wrx slipped a timing belt and destroyed valves and pistons. I am planning on doing the complete rebuild myself. Fingers crossed. Thats one thing i didn't figure into my budget for the rebuild was tools. Tools may be more of a cost then the engine rebuild itself. Lol
Комментарий от: Mark McKee 2

Dies Das
Sauber, hab vor mich auch mit motorinstandsetzung selbstständig zu machen, aber für mitutoyo hat's bis jetzt nicht gereicht, das wäre doch ein guter Anfang😉. 1a Videos, mach weiter so.👍
Комментарий от: Dies Das

Pappa Gas
I should win this vernier because your dog peanut has not appeared in this video and I have highlighted in a previous video that your dog had red eyes and you should go, visit a vet to check what is the issue. As result, the vernier is going to a good home (a dog lover). At the moment I don't have a project lined up because I am still house sharing. So, you are going to be my first sponsor ;)
Комментарий от: Pappa Gas

Ich brauche das Ding, weil ich gerne bei euch arbeiten möchte! ♥ Ihr seid so unbeschreiblich nett, echt und authentisch. So etwas von euch wäre eine Ehre für mich und würde ich mir in die Vitrine stellen :) Ich schaue jedes Video von euch sehr gerne an und kann es kaum abwarten, bis es etwas neues gibt. Es macht mir riesen Spaß euch bei der Arbeit zu zuschauen. Man lernt sehr viel von euch! Bitte macht weiter so. Es ist perfekt, so wie es ist. Dankeschön für euren wunderbaren Content! :) #Subi-Performance
Комментарий от: Stollnresser

Shaun Choy
I'm building my first turbo EJ257 and dont own any measuring tools at all, I've been eyeballing all my clearances. After watching your videos I see how precise those clearances need to be. I now need to purchase all those tools to finish my build. Thank you for the knowledge Andy.
Комментарий от: Shaun Choy

Niko Mähönen
I need that caliper basicly for everything at my garage. I have allready mitutoyo 500-728-20 but that is so expensive so im affraid to use it XD
Комментарий от: Niko Mähönen

Dan Chesney
Torque Wrench?
Комментарий от: Dan Chesney

Derek Arridge
I need those callipers because mine have just broken 😢. Building an EJ207 for my 03 WRX!
Комментарий от: Derek Arridge

Maciek Glebocki
I love Your attention to detail. Would love to win the callipers for myself because I started my own project with putting turbo on my naturally aspirated engine and lot of fabrication is needed. Doing things right the first time saves a lot of time and money.
Комментарий от: Maciek Glebocki

Ryan Smidt
Hi my name is Ryan. I currently havnt got into any automotive schooling but I plan to next semester. I have been working on cars by myself for the past year and recently found a mentor who is a subaru specialist who has been teaching me the ins and outs of subarus. In the last year I have worked on everything from Japanese american and German cars but I have found my passion in subarus. I think I should get the calipers because I am dedicated to cars I feel just as much as you are. My knowledge is nothing like yours but I push myself everyday to try to achieve the knowledge that you have because my drive for this passion is so great. My next goal is a 500hp legacy gt wagon. Spoolbus is a possible name haha. Those calipers would come in handy when I build this engine haha. Later in life I plan to open my own subaru shop. For both basic maintenance and for high performance. This channel has brought me so much knowledge I have tried my best to watch every video even the ones that I couldnt understand haha and try my best to learn from each and every video you put out. I would like to thank you for the opportunity you have given me and everyone else who watches your videos, to learn and take from your videos. You are like no other channel I have ever seen and I am forever grateful.
Комментарий от: Ryan Smidt

Mariusz Kożuchowski
Super odcinek . Gratulacje osobiście uwielbiam "pomiarówkę" .Zrób też odcinek o pozostałych narzędziach pomiarowych i w jakiej konkretnie sytuacji z nich korzystasz. Naprzykład kiedy korzystasz z trójpunktowych średnicówek.(Machen Sie bitte ein Episode mit andere mess Werkzeuge wie Du verwendet)
Комментарий от: Mariusz Kożuchowski

Gheroo MVS
Hi Andy, dobry little trick and bike tez!! (Dowhill bike, trial in the street :) Mitutoyo is the top Best brand in my country (Perú) and Caliper I need and use to every proyects, My subarus all time, build machines, parts, accesories, bits, holes, profund, is the most used tool. Well, Nice workshop and Best regards to SUBIPERFORMANCE TEAM (Boss, workers, personal, subi's, and 3 dogs. ;)
Комментарий от: Gheroo MVS

Pietro Cocco
Warum ich das Teil brauche? Um endlich meinen C24NE CIH Motor auf Vordermann zu bringen. Wünsch Dir ne gute Zeit und bleib gesund.
Комментарий от: Pietro Cocco

Mark Lipsinic
Mark , from Houston, Texas, USA.
Planning to build an EJ257 for my GC Impreza Coupe in the near future. I also have a 2004 Forester XT that I would like to build an EG33.

Комментарий от: Mark Lipsinic

Hallo, ich habe Projekt Toyota Supra Delta editon 7mgte mk3 1989 3.0l 6cylinder Turbo motor. Motor ist ausgeschraubt und meine Werkstatt ist parat endlich, kann ich schicken Foto auch uber Auto, es ist von Switzerland also wie neue. Und ich brauche alles diese Werkzeug was hast du in Video angezeigt, zum bulid diese japanische engine. Ich habe gern deine Arbeit weil ist precis und mit Herz gemacht. Kannst du mir schicken Link wo kann ich bestellen solche Werkzueg? Danke und alles Gut STARTRA.SK KURKA.SK
Комментарий от: STARTRA SK

Tomasz Ostrowski
I need the calipers to adjust valve clearance in my Lexus RX400H 3mz-fe engine which i am repairing in my garage (cracked cylinder head :()
Комментарий от: Tomasz Ostrowski

I've been looking for a set of calipers....along with a list of all the metrology tools I'll need because I'm hoping to rebuild and restore my old 2.5rs coupe. I've been watching all your videos trying to learn to do it properly!
Комментарий от: Tal

Азамат Мухаметов
По русски: линейка 28 см, набор щупов с алиэкспресс, лупа 10х с алиэкспресс с надписью михуйоя, толщиномер, так же с али, индикатор часовой 0-20 с подставкой с алиэкспресс аналогично. Набор микрометров из китая: 0-25, 25-50, 50-75, 75-100. Набор китайских нутромеров. Штангенциркуль китайский цифровой. Весы кухонные китайские.
Комментарий от: Азамат Мухаметов

Geiles Video. 👍
Mit den ganzen Messemitteln habe ich auch täglich als Zerspaner zu tun, aber so einen noblen digitalen Messschieber würde sich natürlich in meiner Garage und am GT86 echt gut machen. 😉

Комментарий от: E10SiDriver

Jaka Ravnik
Essential piece of equipment. Still a student would use it on all kinds of projects :D
Комментарий от: Jaka Ravnik

Такой измерительный инструмент не меряных денег стоит
Комментарий от: Анатолий ГОЛУБЦОВ-МОЛОКОВ

Artur J
Den Messschieber bräuchte ich für mein e30 V8 Projekt bei dem ich grade den Motor zusammenbaue 😎 besten KFZ Meister Grüße ✌
Комментарий от: Artur J

Magnus Danielsson
Ive thought about doing an engine swap for my Pontiac Fiero. A boxer had been really nice, but I really need the right tools for such a project. 😅
Комментарий от: Magnus Danielsson

Joe Sponsler
Thanks for the video! Honestly, I could use that Mituoyo to rebuild my ej20; I’m a broke mechanical engineering student trying to rescue his former daily driver. My wagon’s cylinders ovaled at 215k due to predetonation (couldn’t diagnose P0171 in time and also had oil in my intercooler), and I’m borrowing a junkyard honda in the meantime. Learning a lot from y’all while I save the money to perfom a reliable stock rebuild and this would go a ways towards that!
Комментарий от: Joe Sponsler

Robert Savello
The caliper is the only tool i don't have yet that I need. I have a closed deck block i want to put in my 2005 Legacy GT Wagon.
Love this channel. keeps me inspired to keep learning and building Subarus.

Комментарий от: Robert Savello

Ich könnte den Messschieber gut in meiner Oldtimerwerkstatt brauchen damit ich nicht immer alles erst bestellen und dann vergleichen muss!
Комментарий от: Dr.Drift

Thanks, however I don't want that caliper for I have no use for it. But I do appreciate you making this video and putting that advertisement banner on the side, didn't know what some of those tools were called lol.
Комментарий от: metziih

mother of god
i work with these tools every day.... and mitutoyo is a great brand. but i like my mahr caliper bether they are made in germany right?
Комментарий от: mother of god

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