A guy I don’t like asked me out? I said yes what do I do!?

I’m 18 a girl graduated last year. I have liked many guys but they either don’t like me back or have a gf, one was married. Guys don’t ask me out,my family and friends everyone Ik all have bfs and talk of how all these boys like them. I recently have fallen for my guy friend and we hang out alone sometimes but he has a gf. I’m just done with it all. I don’t want to be interested in anyone anymore. I just wantto be on my own since I have bad luck and it just leads to dissapointment and me getting hurt. I don’t have energy in my mind or body to like guys. I don’t even know where I can meet single guys.

I don’t want to date Anymore?

Okay so today in one of my classes, this girl said that I’m really pretty, and its like bam everyone else starts talking about how pretty I am all of a sudden. How pretty my skin is, how white my teeth are and how cool my hair is. And I get comments from people, even strangers, about how pretty I am. But here’s the thing I don’t understand, if I’m so pretty how come no guys ever talk to me excluding the weirdest kids in school I mean I’ve never even been on a date and I’m in 11th grade 17 years old and fixing to be 18!

It just confuses me, and makes me feel insecure about myself you know.

I’m 18 a girl graduated last year. I have liked many guys but they either don’t like me back or have a gf, one was married. Guys don’t ask me out.

Well, teenage attitude aside, consider the situation from another angle He may have seen a co-worker be reprimanded or fired for having family members interrupt their shift and doesn’t want the same fate. This whole situation is ridiculous to be honest. The best thing is to have distance learning on the computer. If a college closed for the year, the financial damage would be severe. I haven’t seen my boyfriend for 6 months, we both live 20 minutes away from each other, by city bus.

Is there something I don’t see? Are there guys, in love, who are that passive? My boyfriend said the other day that he wants to take a break. Unlike actual break ups, this was out of the blue and our relationship didn’t fizzle before he said this. He went from one day saying he loved me and that I’m the best thing to ever come into his life, then the next he said he wanted a break. He told me he was very stressed because of so much going on at once: his car problems, finding a job, moving in with a friend, family conflicts, court fees, etc.

He agreed to let me come over this weekend and help work on his car.

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He is a really nice guy. But I don’t like him in that way. The thought makes me feel kind of sick. He is a lazy person.

I feel like he doesn’t want to be broken up with me permanently and that it is really the stress, but the unknown scares me. I also don’t want to keep asking him​.

Sleep was eluding me, which was nothing new, and being the millennial that I am, I was browsing the internet on my phone for hours. I checked my email for the second time and saw a response to a question I had posted years ago on Yahoo! I remembered how entertaining the site used to be, so I started browsing. Second, how would using a condom count as a sin? This douchey question really got under my skin.

Can someone please tell this girl that it sounds like her boyfriend is a stoner? I read through all the answers to her question and not one person suggested it. Reading the question, I first got sad and was prepared to read a sad story and answer her question with support. Then, I read the rest of the question and got angry.

White guy dating black girl yahoo answers

I might be a little depressed. I don’t feel really interested in dating anybody at this point. Even if I get the chance I don’t feel like taking it , despite the fact that I would like to. I’m not gay, because I’m not attracted at all by the same sex.

i’m very random and sort of crazy, but i don’t act too much like this unless i’m with I suggest going on a bunch of dates before choosing one guy to be your.

Custom Search. White guy dating black girl yahoo answers. Wo kann ich einen mann kennenlernen. Oct 10, From explaining black hair to hoping his parents aren’t racist jerks, here are 10 things you’ll only understand if you’re a black girl dating a white What questions to ask at a speed dating event. First impression speed dating. Jan 4,

How To Answer “What Do You Do For Fun?”

I just don’t feel anywhere near that same level of obligation or necessity towards dating. What’s the advantage of dating? If you don’t date, people will think you’re a homo.

Nowadays Quora has become just like Yahoo Answers, with frivolous questions and answers. As much as I hate moderation, they are doing something right, and that is getting rid I’d date you ; You look like *some actress* ; Sorry no ; etc.

I don’t date because nobody has asked me out recently. I also avoid talking to guys because I don’t want to get my feelings hurt. I’ve met a lot of mean guys in the past which has brought my confidence down. I am a very shy and quiet person. I know people say to put yourself out there but when I do put myself out there I feel like it doesn’t matter because the guy never feels the same way back so I feel like I might as well keep to myself. I don’t think it’s weird since you’ve had sucky experiences.

Some guys can be creeps. At least you made an attempt but you might be asking the wrong people idk you didn’t specify the type of people you ask. Like if you knew them or not. I’d have their number and text them a few times before asking. I also know them and their personality better so it makes the let down easier If they don’t know you then they may have no regard for you feelings. Me personally I’d like to know some things about the person beforehand.

I’m also shy and I couldn’t see myself dating a total stranger.

Help my family doesn’t like my boyfriend.?

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Instead of focusing on making sure you don’t run out of moves or getting you to fight against the clock, per se, the goal in With most ” Answer Guy ” questions I do some Yahoo! A simple search on a dating website like or Yahoo!

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I don’t see the necessity to date?

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She’s really smart too, funny, and just nice. So, I asked her out. She smiled at me, and said, “You’re cute, and seem like a good guy, really. But I don’t date. I’ve kind of gotten info out of a lot of people, and they say she’s allowed to date. They also say she’s never had a boyfriend before, because she doesn’t want one.

I don’t get it. I can relate to this crush of yours. I also “don’t date” simply because I don’t want to. Also, I just don’t like the idea of having a boyfriend this time. The girl probably doesn’t date because of the reasons I just stated above. If I were you, I would either ask her why she doesn’t date and maybe try to convince her that you’re not like that or just leave her alone. That was her way of letting you down nicely. Anytime a chick tells you that she doesn’t date or isn’t allowed to date is total bullshit.

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