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What nonsense am I saying now after waking up huh kkkk Anyway is everyone living positively????????? Have you enjoyed???????????? Throughout the 4 months??????? He should be proud of his involvement in PK, and this drama definitely goes into my win pile. I really should start watching this asap. Yeah, I know, shocking, heh? But with PK? I do and IDEK why is that. Oh Sere, you really need to watch PK. Then you can back-read all my recaps or the spazzy posts about it.

Yook sungjae kim so hyun dating

Additionally, yoona facts and seolhyun? To the lovable k-drama boy-next-door. This kim soo hyun as the full story. Yoona dated, and actress, has been lighting up.

Kim Hyun Joong had a band in highschool. He was the guitarist. When Hyun Joong was still in we got married with Hwang Bo they were called as the Lettuce​.

Please source us if you put up our translations. In his interview with ISplus reporter Kim Sung Eui published on March 18, Kim Hyun Joong reveals what he wears to sleep, how he takes care of his skin, and who he wants to act with. KHJ: Kim Yuna. I fell under her charm while watching her compete in the world championships last year on TV when I was staying with SS in Japan last year.

Even when she slipped on the ice, she maintained her composure, got up immediately, and put on a skating performance. That scene is unforgettable to me. Although she is younger than me, I could learn from how — no matter what the circumstance — she approaches everything that has to be done with the confidence that she is world-best. I listened to a diversity of music since I was young, but I admired and was envious of foreign music; particularly the rock genre.

I was extremely surprised that music like this came out in our country too. I want to [meet and] say hello to the senior I respect, and also discuss music [with him] afterwards.

Kim Hyun-joong

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TheHappyFatty — Meteor Garden Episode 23 Officially Dating. The Arrogant Baek Seong Jo [Playful Kiss/Mischievous Kiss – ] | Hyunnies Kim Hyun Joong by his own admission was cajoled by KE staff to take this drama in Kyu Jong thanks Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo for introducing him to Yoo Bin.

Last year, both visited the Philippines and I was lucky enough to have met them both, though on separate occasions. First was Hwang Bo when she did a charity for Compassion Philippines in July, which she is very much active. It was a private trip and we just knew about it because she tweeted she was going to the Philippines. Apparently, we were able to know the hotel she was staying and having a conference. On the 2 nd day of the conference, my friend Lauren and I waited for her and when she came out, I called out her name and approached her.

I was star struck. She had that husky voice just like in WGM. I gave her my gift and asked her if I can have an autograph and she agreed. Of course, I had her sign my fave pictures of them, JoongBo, the wedding and their picture with Jins, her dog, and also 2 solo pictures. She laughed about the Joongbo pics of course. After that, I asked her if we can have a photo together and she agreed. She was so pretty in person with just a lip gloss and mascara on. What touched me the most was that she told us that we could have asked someone and told that we were waiting outside and she would have come out.

Kim Hyun Joong: Sincere Angel

She found her way to SS dorm in Japan and displayed her awesome culinary skills, preparing a scrumptious dinner for all the members, making them feel very touched. I am currently very busy with my work in Japan and Korea. I only want to focus on my work right now and have no intentions of dating. Thanks so much coolsmurf!

Hyunjoong-Hwangbo love never fail to make me fall in absolute universe of blissfulness….

Jung so min and kim hyun joong dating , 8 on-screen romances we wish were real. Oct 13, I think its one of these women hyunjoong ever worked o,goo hye sun,park shinhye,jung so min,uee,jang rye woon.​eun hye.

Members’ Profile. Kim Hyun Joong. Background Information. He is a style icon in Korea, winning several icon awards. Early life He dropped out of school when he decided to become a singer. During his school days, he played bass guitar in a band. During the years and when he was 14—15, while working as a waiter in a family restaurant, located at Jamsil-dong, he was introduced to a new set up management company CEO.

Initially he was to debut in a 5 member group. While the group underwent training together, they were asked by their company to debut in China as a Hallyu project group, but the group rejected the offer and disbanded. Kim returned to school and graduated in after debuting as a member of SS In , he enrolled in Chungwoon University to study stage production management.

It’s my birthday party For me, as I always say, I feel happiest when I’m on stage where my fans can see me. For the ending of the show, I think this song best fit.

★ My Shining Star SS501 ★

Some even think Hyun Joong might just think he and Hwangbo are dating at that time because of his 4Dness. But who know. Now they have already separated so that may be a secret until …. However, only dating for five months? Just curious why they separated.

Known as the “Lettuce Couple”, Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo went on to win MBC’s On 28 June , it was announced that Kim Hyun Joong had officially left were even gay rumours about him dating his fellow member Kim Hyun Joong.

Kim Hyun Joong , living in a world where manipulation and self-serving motives are the norm, continues to maintain his honesty, integrity, and purely loving heart, as demonstrated in his own words. Combing through every interview transcript and video with english subs I could get my hands on, I have come to the conclusion that he loves his work, his heart remains sincere toward his fans, and he puts forth a face of honesty and integrity when he is called upon to share what is inside his mind.

Following are my impressions on the collections of interviews and real world interactions from the Angel of the East: Kim Hyun Joong. Hyun Joong is always smiling and open when being interviewed. After reading and watching multiple interviews and clips, I have come to several conclusions. First, Kim Hyun Joong is honest. Every interview has a moment like this where Hyun Joong has said something shocking and everyone busts up laughing. He usually pauses briefly before answering questions which shows he is sincerely considering his answer rather than spouting off something pre-rehearsed.

Kim hyun joong dating

I’ve been thinking a lot whether to share it or not First let’s check on the article that I quoted from All Seoul’d Out Hyun Joong openly admitted that he was in a relationship with a famous celebrity before when he appeared on SBS’s ‘Strong Heart’. He made the revelation after stating that he wasn’t one to lie and said that the other party was also a famous celebrity.

[K-POP] SS Kim Hyun Joong grabs another CF deal. July 27, · by Den P. · in K-CF / ENDORSEMENTS, K-DRAMAS / K- MOVIES, K-POP, SS ·.

After debuting with SS in , Kim released his first Korean solo album, Break Down , in , and his first Japanese solo album, Unlimited , in Due to his commercial success, Kim is considered one of South Korea’s biggest Hallyu stars of the early s. Kim was born on June 6, in Seoul. He later passed his high school exams and enrolled in Kyonggi University. After dropping out of university to focus on work, Kim enrolled in Chungwoon University in to study stage production management.

The following year, in , SS debuted in Japan with the single ” Kokoro ,” which reached number five on the Oricon charts. In , Kim joined the cast of the reality variety show We Got Married , where he was paired with singer Hwangbo. They left the show at the end of to focus on other projects. Kim and his Boys Over Flowers costars also sparked a trend among South Korean men who copied their “flower boy” style.

At the end of , Kim was chosen to represent South Korea at the opening of the Asian Games in Guangzhou , where he performed the anthem “Sunshine Again” with singers from Chinese-speaking countries.

20081229 Kim Hyun JoonG-Hwang Bo MBC Award